Accelerated Reader is a computer-based program that encourages students to read and allows teachers to monitor reading practice and progress.  Teachers can use AR to help guide students to books they can read successfully. The idea behind AR is that kids enjoy reading more when they can select their own books. The AR program has more than 150,000 titles to choose from on its Book Finder list. Each book has a “reading practice” quiz. Teachers use these quizzes to track each student’s progress, set appropriate goals, and direct ongoing reading practice. AR allows our students to get the reading practice they need to become successful lifelong readers.
Students take the Star Reading assessment. The Star Reading assessment helps determine reading level in order to place students into the Accelerated Reader program. Once a student’s reading level has been determined, the teacher guides the student to select a book in the Vanalden library that is matching to the STAR reading level.
After the students finish reading their AR book,  they take a short reading comprehension quiz. Students must pass multiple quizzes at 100% in order to move up to the next reading level. As a student moves sequentially up in their reading level, they are recognized in multiple ways.

Reading Certification Level:  Students can become a Cadet, Navigator, Pilot, Lieutenant, Captain and ultimately a Star Commander: Each level is reached by moving up in the reading level and the point value of the book. As the reading level of books increase, their point values also increase. As students achieve each certification level, they are rewarded two different ways.


First they receive a certificate in their classroom and stars on their library card to show their new certification level. Then in our auditorium, we have two walls which are filled with the photos of our students displaying their certification levels. These photo cards stay up throughout their entire time that they are enrolled at Vanalden.


If a student reaches the highest level “Star Commander”, they receive a trophy at graduation and a star with their name painted on our “Walk of Fame”. Students also earn points from reading to spend at our Gift Galaxy Store at the end of each school year. Students can spend these points or save them for the following school next year(s). 

Six Levels of Certification

Cadet (Independent Reader):

Read and quiz independently on three books with a reading level of 1.2 or higher and pass quizzes with 80% or higher.
Accumulate ten points. These points include the points earned for the three books.
Navigator (Super Reader 1-5):
Have Cadet certification.
Read three books at 2.0 reading level or higher worth at least one point each and pass the quizzes at 80% or higher.
Pilot (Advanced Reader 1-5):
Have Navigator 5 certification.
Read three books at 3.0 reading level or higher worth at least two points each and pass the quizzes with 80% or higher.
Lieutenant (Star Reader 1-5):
Have Pilot 5 certification.
Read three books with 4.0 reading level or higher worth at least four points each and pass the quizzes with 80% or higher.
Captain (Classic Reader 1-5):
Have Lieutenant 5 certification.
Read three books at 6.0 reading level or higher worth at least seven points and pass the quizzes with 80% or higher.
Star Commander (Honors Reader 1-5):
Read, pass quizzes and accumulate 100 points from an assigned list of challenging teacher-selected literature.