Let's Go on a Learning Adventure!

Welcome to my class!  We are an exciting, inquisitive, inclusive community of learners.  As the coach of the class, I am dedicated to building a love for learning, encouraging independence in thought, and integrating the arts and science across the curriculum.  Our fourth grade educational journey in reading and language arts includes exploring a wide variety of text and developing the skills to compare written works.  Developing a strong sense of self as a writer through the construction of concise paragraph responses to specific questions  and multi-paragraph compositions that address more complex themes is part of the fourth grade experience.  As mathematicians, we consider how to use skills to solve real life questions and we expand our knowledge of fundamental concepts.   In social studies, we explore the complex and diverse history of California and how it relates to the nation and the world.  Experiences in science encourage application of concepts to issues beyond our classroom.  Augmenting the programs will be connections in art, theater, music, physical education, and health.  I hope each student enjoys the unique experiences of fourth grade.