Hello Everyone!
      I have been at Vanalden for nearly two decades.  I had the opportunity to have taught kindergarten, fifth grade, first grade, second/third grade class, and now I am back in fifth grade.   My beginning years, I was a kindergarten teacher and eventually became a fifth grade teacher.  Looking back, the look on some of the fifth grader's face were priceless as some had me in kindergarten!  These were some priceless moments.  
      I am excited to be back in fifth grade.  I enjoy my job and strongly believe in the power of education. My goal is to help your child reach their fullest potential and to become life long learners. With your help, we will guide, encourage, and cheer them to do their personal best.  
        When I am not teaching, I enjoy exploring the outdoors.  I love to go hiking to enjoy our wonderful Los Angeles weather. I also enjoy traveling and have been fortunate enough to visit many amazing foreign countries.  I am looking forward to getting more stamps in my passport.  
In the blue section above, if you click on "PlanetBravo", you will be taken to a new window with online access to the PlanetBravo curriculum/activities for the current and past weeks--just click on the grade level we're in to access the fun practice of how to effectively and appropriately use computers!