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Enrollment for ETK - 5th Grades begins April 2, 2019
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Room 26

Welcome to Room 26! Here in Room 26, students will be accessing TK-2nd Grade curriculum, including Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Art, Music, Technology, and more. As we meet California Content Standards, we’ll encourage the highest achievement of every student.


Make sure to explore the attached files on the right if you're interested in getting to know my class and I more!

12/2018: Playing a little bit of catch up here during winter break on posting photos!
December, another seemingly short, fast school month! This month was packed full of review and finishing up the "units" we were working on, along with Winter Concert practice. Our students did AMAZING both performances of the Winter Concert! 
Hope your student and your family has had a wonderful winter break! Can't wait to see them in January!
11/2018: Playing a little bit of catch up here during winter break on posting photos!
Here are some photos from November...a seemingly quick school month! There was PlanetBravo, adaptive PE with coach, "cooking" in class, and awesome turkeys in disguise!
10/31/2018: At last have time to post some photos of our adventures here in Room 26! Above is a gallery of pictures from Wednesday 10/31, starting with our school-wide Halloween Parade and then within class, we spent all day investigating pumpkins! Earlier in the week we read and learned about pumpkin life cycles, and the anatomy of a pumpkin, at last, we investigated our very own class pumpkin "Charlie Brown". Students estimated and then actually found out the height, width, weight, if it was able to float, and number of seeds of our pumpkin "Charlie Brown". It was a fun week learning about pumpkins, and then a fun day investigating a real life pumpkin!
10/12/2018: Another week...check! This week we had PlanetBravo on Monday, our second to last dance class with Ms. on Monday, implementation of Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) math (we are adding and implementing it throughout Vanalden to further strengthen our number sense and math foundation), and our first of four recognition assemblies today (Friday). Definitely a full an earned class party on Thursday!
Please keep practicing good hygiene at home with your student--thorough washing of hands, practicing coughing and sneezing into an elbow, etc. Appreciate any and all help in this area to try and keep us all healthy and safe this flu season!
10/06/2018: Two week catch up! First off, thank you to all parents/guardians for attending conferences this past week--we had 100% attendance to conferences in our class--thank you, thank you for being so committed to your student's education and working so hard to do all you can for your student.
These past two weeks we've been busy learning about letter "Aa", and letter "Ss", learning about characters and lessons from text, having dance class with Mrs. Burns class (due to minimum day), building up our strength with Coach Jeff, counting or doing addition each day (depending on your student's grade level), and continuing our learning and use of computers in PlanetBravo with Mr. K.
Also, thank you to all who were able to come support Vanalden's PTA fundraiser at Yogurtland on Friday (I was there from about 3pm to 4pm and though I might have missed you if you did visit, there was a strong Vanalden presence and attendance).
This upcoming week will be one of our first official, five day school weeks, regular dismissal time each day...exciting!
09/20/2018:You can tell things are busy here when it takes me about two weeks to update our class page! Within the past few weeks, as you'll be able to see in the photos above, we've started Planet Bravo with Mr. K (learning how to use and navigate computers), and adaptive physical education (pe) with Coach Jeff. These have been fun and beneficial additions, and implementations to our English Language Arts, Math, and Writing instruction!
09/07/18: Things are in full swing here in Room 26! We are officially in Unit 1 in Benchmark Advance English Language Arts, and MyMath, and have groups going for "reading", "writing", and "math". Adjusting from more whole to small instructional groups has been an adventure and our students have been doing awesome putting into full use our practiced group routines and procedures. Throughout the year we will be doing integrated art; today we took some time for a watercolor art project with a secret message reveal (student's names--practice of name recognition, letter recognition, etc.). It was a great 4-day school week here in room 26 and I hope everyone has a great 3-day weekend!
If you can make it, tonight is our PTA fundraiser at Chuck E. Cheese 22940 Vanowen, West Hills CA 91307. Going on from 3-9pm, it's sure to be a fun time and a fun way to raise money for our students. Hope to see you there!
08/28/2018: Students helped get their desks ready for Back to School Night tonight, with some fun sensory writing play using shaving cream...the desks even fresher is an awesome bonus! Hope you'll be able to make it to Back to School Tonight...5-6pm PTA bake sale and book fair, 6-7pm classroom visits.
08/21/2018: What an exciting first week of school! It has been such a blast getting to know your students! We've been working on learning routines and procedures of the classroom and school, and getting to know each other. We've also officially started dance with Ms. Villafana (Ms. V). We learned about safe spaces, following her signals, and started learning about different ways we can move our body. For the next few weeks, we'll be going each Monday morning to dance. Yay!
In the blue section above, if you click on "PlanetBravo", you will be taken to a new window with online access to the PlanetBravo curriculum/activities for the current and past weeks. We are using TK in our class as this is our first year/experience with PlanetBravo and many of our students in Room 26 benefit from the building of a strong foundation in correct and effective computer use. Have fun and enjoy!