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Enrollment for ETK - 5th Grades begins April 2, 2019

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Welcome to Mrs. Alfonso's 4th/5th Grade Class!
     The upper grades are years of new learning experiences that aim in successfully transitioning the students to middle school. For fifth grade, it is also a year filled with exciting activities to honor their last year of elementary.  The 4th and 5th grades are critical years and part of the students' foundation for a lifetime of learning.  The students will be engaged in many learning activities that require organizational, analytical, social, writing, and research skills.
     I encourage families to instill in the students a sense of responsibility, accountability, and strong work ethic, as it may guarantee their success in upper grades and will help prepare them for a lifetime of success.
Pyramid of Success Character Development Program
September's Focus Traits:
Hardwork and Enthusiasm
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Day 2:  The students were so productive today!  Though a couple felt a little homesick on night one, they pulled through with guidance from the counselors and support from their friends and me. 
Today, they strengthened their bonds with each other and the camp staff, and many have made new friends from Normandie Elementary.  Bedtime wasn't as hard today because of it!
Many are being challenged with the hikes and in surviving homesickness and fears they have, but they are so proud of themselves after accomplishing their challenges and facing fears.  They're discovering things about themselves that they didn't know. 
Thank you for giving them this opportunity!  I'm sure they miss home and will be happy to be back at home, but they will also have gained so much from this experience and they'll remember it for the rest of their lives.
In the blue section above, if you click on "PlanetBravo", you will be taken to a new window with online access to the PlanetBravo curriculum/activities for the current and past weeks--just click on the grade level we're in to access the fun practice of how to effectively and appropriately use computers!