About Mrs. Alfonso

     I've been with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) my entire life.  I began my academic career path as a student in an LAUSD public school at age 5 and finalized it at age 18 upon graduating with honors from an LAUSD high school.  Afterwards, I attended California State University Northridge and attained a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a California teaching credential two years after receiving my B.A.
     In my first year of college, I was hired as a teacher's assistant at Vanalden. While working here as an aide, I developed a passion for working with kids.  It was here that I learned a lot about myself: I learned that this job was fulfilling, because I could incorporate many of my innate talents, which made me like what I was doing;  I learned that working with children gave me a sense of purpose and fulfillment, which planted the seed for the passion of teaching; and I learned that working in something that I loved was more important to me than working for the purpose of becoming wealthy. 
     Also, working here as an aide with various great teachers exposed me to many great tools and strategies that have been instrumental in my success with my students and our classroom dynamic.
     My hope is that I can inspire my students through that passion, and that they get to realize that they are a huge part of why I love my job.
     I've had the opportunity to teach Kinder, First grade, Second grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth grade at different schools (Canterbury Elementary, Beachy Elementary, Magnolia Science Academy Elementary and, currently, Vanalden Elementary). 
     On my personal time, I enjoy watching movies with my husband, going out for dinner/coffee with friends and family, hiking with my furry canine kids, reading novels, dancing, traveling, and adrenaline-driven adventures.